Sunday, September 20, 2015

[Melaka] Kaya-Kaya Cafe

Rating: 4 out of 5

Price range: RM8 to RM30


Ambience: Cafe

Style of cooking: Western

Recommended order: Malacca Elvis Pancake, Kaya Cheese Toast & the pastas

Address: 32, Jalan Tukang Besi, 75200 Melaka  Phone number: 018-9845351

Business hour: 8am - 8pm (Closed every Wednesday)

Come for the food and ambience, not for the coffee. Although Kaya-kaya Cafe is rated as one of the best cafes in Melaka, there is a need of improvement for its coffee. Let's be fair, they have never brag on their coffee. Instead, the best-selling drinks are See U Again (pandan leaves + lemongrass) and Welcome to Melaka (soy milk + grass jelly + gula melaka). 

For this visit, our pick were the Kaya Cheese Toast, Carbonara Penne, and Mushroom Omelette to try out.  

The Kaya Cheese Toast is one of the popular items on the menu. Expect to see the tables around you ordering this as well. The combination of kaya and cheese blend so well together like peanut butter and jelly. As your teeth sunk into the crunchy toast, the rich and creamy kaya melts into your mouth, while the cheese gives a hint of saltiness to balance the taste. 

For breakfast, do not resist ordering the mushroom omelettes. It may look ordinary but after the first bite, it leaves you wanting for more. The mushrooms are pan seared in butter until fragrant and added onto a fluffy scrambled eggs. The velvety texture of the eggs is in between omelette and scrambled. Served with three pieces of toast of different bread and salad in caeser dressing. 

The photo of the carbonara penne doesn't do justice for its taste. It was a perfect carbonara - creamy and smooth. Cooked with chicken ham and oyster mushrooms. Recommended for those who are looking for comfort food. 

As you are sipping your coffee, you can hear the occasional sound of bells ringing from the opposite temple that creates a serene and calm environment. The best spot is at the courtyard where the natural light shines with a small garden on the side.

Kaya-Kaya Cafe is located on the next street to Jonker Street. Although the traffic is bearable, the roadside parking can be a challenge. It is suggested that you park somewhere else and take a long stroll to the cafe. 

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