Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[Melaka] Locahouz Cafe

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Price range: RM8 to RM30
  • Non-halal
  • Ambience: Cafe
  • Style of cooking: Western, Fushion
  • Recommended order: Red velvet cake, Orange Beer, Pork Belly Sandwich
  • Address: 8, Jalan Bukit Cina  
  • Phone number: +60 19-679 3993
  • URL:
  • Business hour: 10am-6pm

Recently moved to its new building, the Locahouz has a new face lift to its interior style. In its previous premise, Locahouz is a dimmed and cozy cafe. While maintaining its cozy feature, the cafe embraces the similar bohemian style as its sister cafe, Baboon House. 

The familiar cardboard menu is still an identity of the cafe. The menu is still the same as before. The savory meal is good but not as appetizing as Baboon House. So we settled for dessert and coffee. 

On a hot day, the thirst-quenching Pomelo Orange Soda is extremely refreshing. Made from fresh orange and red pomelo, added with mint leaves, it is something you should opt for to energize yourself during midday.

For a classic option, the local coffee is usually a good choice. There is also cham - tea mixed with local coffee. for the locals, these drinks usually brings back nostalgic memories as it is the common drinks in kopitiam back then.

There are a lot of cake options on their menu and I choose the orange cheesecake. The cheese is very soft and intense. The cheese is not flavoured with orange, however it is served with pieces of freshly cut oranges. The bottom of the cheese cake is a layer of digestive biscuit crumbs. 

Compared to their sister cafe, Baboon House has better brunch menu, meanwhile the Locahouz has better desserts. The new location is definitely better than the previous one in terms of parking availability. The dining area is more spacious and airy.

 The iconic Locahouz wine crate shelf is still part of the furniture in the cafe. 

The new Locahouz is located away from the Jonker Street. It is nearer to Capitol Satay Celup. Rest assured, there is plenty of parking spaces right opposite the building. The place is quieter and has less human traffic. 


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  1. wah... looks like a shiook place to be when it's hot. how come it's so empty.... must be a weekday


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